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I celebrate this human experience and natural cycles of life, death and rebirth. Through painting, I investigate our connection to the wild and spirituality. My work focuses on the inner growth and healing we all must do, to be better caretakers of our planet and each other. I often depict skulls in my work, as a symbol that underneath the flesh, we are all the same. The more we understand mortality as part of the journey, the more present we can live now. 

I am inspired and influenced by my experiences living abroad. I am fortunate enough to have observed many different cultures and traditions around the world. By age 6, I lived on three different continents, weaving a variety of stories into my own.

 The places I've been and people I've met have left a mark on me. I aim to honor and celebrate this planet through my creations and a more green lifestyle. I am committed to creating products that are ethical, and packaged in recycled and compostable materials.

My mission is to heal and transform by actualizing my visions for our world: Harmony in the Universe, respect for nature and compassion for all. 

By living my authentic path, I aim to inspire others to celebrate their uniqueness and to truly LIVE. We are all in this together. Let us Heal, Create, Inspire, and Transform, so that we can nurture our planet.




OliviaJane Art

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