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    Olivia Jane is a figurative surrealist artist whose work is a reflection of her love for the wild, for mystery, and relationships between humans and the rest of the natural world. Olivia's femme-centered and archetypal work invokes an ancient and yet every day magic with an emphasis on healing and transformation. This work asks the viewer for a moment of depth and reflection, in the midst of a chaotic world. 

Olivia Jane spent her formative years living between Europe, South East Asia and the USA, with Cajun roots in south Louisiana, offering a unique experience of home. Life as a global nomad was influential from a multitude of perspectives and beliefs, ultimately Olivia is weaving her own unfolding story. Her current body of work focuses on relationships between spirit, landscape and story, often depicting therianthropic deities.

Olivia Jane is a full-time artist, teacher and student from their private atelier in beautiful New Mexico.

"My mission is to convey my awe for life, and to inspire others to live their own authentic truth."




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Adobe wall cream_edited.jpg

Commissions Open

  • Boudoir Portraits

  • Landscapes

  • Murals (interior and exterior)

  • Creative Projects

  • Album Artwork

Adobe wall cream_edited.jpg

Re-create Your Visions

Have you ever had a vision from a dream or potent psychedelic experience that stuck with you? Wouldn't it be amazing to re-create these visions into 2d art for you to tap back into the magic whenever you want? Click below to learn more about this offering.

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