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Traveling Solo

IT WASN'T MY PLAN, to travel the world by myself. I traveled abroad for one year when I was 22. During that time, I traveled with a friend from college, my partner at the time, my best friend, mom, and my brother, all at various times during that year. My last month in South East Asia, I explored Vietnam by myself and it was transformational.

Fast Forward 3 years, and once again, I find myself in a position of long term travel. I had a career in sales that absorbed my life entirely for two and a half years. I worked around 80 hours per week in sales, painted 20 or so hours per week, and even took on another part time opportunity. I was working my life away, until everything came crashing down. I got fired from my sales career and lost the lease on my home in the same month.

There I was, at a fork in the road- I could find a new place to rent, paint, and find a new job, or...I could give away and sell most of my things, put the rest into storage and travel around the world for a year and see what happens.

It was the best timing for me to take off on a long trip, but as for my closest friends and family, nobody else was in a position for traveling. My best friend was starting grad school, my family was moving, I was single.

Okay then, I'm just going to do it. If I don't go for it... what else will I do?

To be honest, I didn't have to think hard, I only thought about my life if I turned away from this opportunity and I literally could not imagine that reality. My path was clear. I was ready to change my life, forever. Don't get me wrong, this choice also came with A LOT of tears, anxious fits and moments of "I must be crazy". Further more, friends and family were projecting their own fears on my decision. I decided to ignore all the fear, I packed my things away, got a fresh 60 L Gregory backpack, and researched what I would need for the Himalayas in October.

If you have been saving for a trip but you are afraid to start or afraid to travel alone, don't be scared. Once you get out there, you will meet TONS of people traveling just like you. Maybe start off somewhere known to be backpacker friendly before going anywhere too remote. You will meet MORE people along the way when you travel solo. I often had to part ways or carve out "me time" even as a solo traveler.

If you want to travel but you are worried about the financial side of things, don't get too discouraged. There are options to work and work trade. For example, is a site where you can find work exchange opportunities. Then you just need to save enough money for your flights, which you should buy as long in advance as possible- save a little each month.

What I'm saying is, the process of saving, and getting started on a big adventure isn't easy, but IT'S WORTH IT!

Along the way, I had opportunities to travel with others, but for me personally, I wanted this trip all to myself. I was finding so much Magick along the way- by Magick I mean walking ones own truth and intuition - living ones true will; living in harmony with the Universe and your potential for healing and transformation in this life.

I planned to be gone for 12 months... maybe, and instead 20 months would pass before I saw the United States again.

I have so many stories to share with you, thank you for joining the journey. I just wanted to start simple with this blog: if you are thinking about going on a big journey of self discovery, or embarking on a new path in general, have faith, you can do it! I believe we are all capable of so much, if we just get out of our own way. I am so grateful for my travels and all that I've learned. I've experienced unique ways of life, ancient traditions and delicious foods, not to mention incredible arts, natural landscapes and wild animals. I am inspired by life itself and I hope that some of this will rub off on you along the way! Follow along as I share tips from experience and touch on certain topics that hit home to me.

To many more stories,

xoxo Olivia Jane



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