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"The Beatles Ashram"

I feel fortunate to have contributed a few large murals to the infamous "Beatles Ashram" in Northern India

 Around The World In 20 Murals


"Street Art is a powerful tool for transformation. It is a way to celebrate our human experience, the local community and the subtle magic of everyday life. Public Art is a way to showcase inspiring figures that have paved the way for arts and social justice." 

Olivia Jane

Conscious Nature Gallery 

Burning Man 2015

In 2015, 6 friends and I headed out into the middle of the desert for Nevadas' annual Burning Man Festival. Our mission: to build a fully solar powered art gallery! 

Together we founded Camp MisBeeHive and worked hard to build our dome from scratch. I curated the gallery and exhibited five large oil paintings.  

Through out the week, our camp grew to host ~40 lovely friends as well as hundreds of new friends who found refuge in our Art Sanctuary. 


Build Crew Credit: Rhiannon Kauffman, Marty Ross Vadas, Julian Vadas, Brice Bushaw, Chris Egan

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